Process Notes


This stop-motion video shows me creating a two-tiered treat server, inspired by a skydiving experience.  The video shows my process from beginning to end.  Special thanks to Melanie Sherman, who photographed the process for me.

The above video was filmed at Northern Clay Center during the American Pottery Festival in 2012.  It shows my handbuilding and surfacing techniques.

These are some of my favorite tools/materials to use in the studio

Cone 5 B Mix Clay from Laguna
Sherrill Mudtools Flexible Ribs:  I have many shapes and colors of these.  I use all of them for different things.
Sherrill Mudtools Paisley Stainless Steel Scraper with Serrated Rib:  I use these for refining the edges of my slab-built platters
An old credit card with a notch cut out:  Make your own for refining edges of slab-built plates, platters and trays.
Craft Foam! (Fun Foam, Foamies, etc)  I use the 2 or 4 mm thickness without the adhesive backing for my templates.  You COULD use the adhesive backing to make some awesome texture mats, though!
Forbes Wax:  I use this for underglaze inlay
Yellow Sponge made by Kemper:  You can't beat 'em.  12 for around $4!
Shimpo Banding Wheel:  The BEST
Thorpe Commercial Rolling Pin
I use Velour Black from AMACO for my inlay process.  After bisque firing, I apply color by using AMACO Velvet Underglazes and Mayco Opaque Underglazes.
I also use Mayco Stroke and Coats to add color, but I do not use these on the bottoms of my pots.
Wood Thickness Strips by Axner:  Or ask your favorite woodworker to make you some!

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  1. You are very generous in sharing so much of your process. Thank you