Sunday, July 21, 2013

A little starch goes a long way

Ever need to transport pieces that have been glazed and not fired? This happened to me recently, as I needed to get a stray jar home from Montana.  I was a bit worried that the glaze would rub off during the 3 day drive back to Kansas City. Spray Starch was suggested to me by fellow ceramic artist, Chanda Glendinning--and guess what!? It worked! Flawless finish.
Just spray the glazed unfired surface with starch, let it dry, wrap the piece with soft material, pack it well and get it to a kiln.
Better late than never! Thanks for the tip, Chanda!


  1. Great...sounds much better than the clear spray Krylon I've been using. And a pretty pot too!

  2. I've heard about that but never had occasion to use it but a good reminder.