Monday, November 14, 2011

Finding the Worm! (Part 2 of 2)

I've had an eyeworm for five years.  Until yesterday.  OK, I am not talking about a real parasite, but rather an image I could not identify, nor could I get it out of my mind's eye.   Like an unidentified earworm for the eyes.

It was this piece of art.  Google image search did not help me with this one.  It was actually through searching a digitized collection from the University of Iowa Libraries which helped me find and identify the print (Cena) and the maker (Mauricio Lasanksy).   Museum and library digital collections are really starting to pop up.   The Metropolitan Museum's online collection is awesome.  We can count on these resources to be accurate, although in lesser known museum collections, the image quality or size is not always great.  When I came across the University of Iowa Libraries' digital collection of over 450,000 items.  My heart quickened because I knew I was close to hunting down the worm (I had seen the print there when I visited in 2007).

For a virtual tour of major museums, like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, check out Google Art Project.  Although not a substitute for the real thing, it's pretty exciting to visit (or re-visit) a virtual museum and get a zoom up view of works without having to leave your house (or change out of your comfy-pants).

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