Monday, October 17, 2011

New Work Online at Charlie Cummings Gallery

Trash Stash Bear S&P by Chandra DeBuse
Photo taken by Charlie Cummings
My online exhibition, Playscapes, at Charlie Cummings Gallery is up through November 17th.  The work is a response to living in South Florida and the mountains of Eastern Tennessee over the past year.  I hope that when people use my work, they feel a playful sense of discovery.


  1. Really fun show. Nut rider cup is now mine...or, you know, soon mine...when they ship it out in a month or so :)

  2. Awesome!! Thank you--you got a good one!

  3. received my cup soooner than I thought (for some reason I didn't think items would ship until the run on-line was over:). It's a wonderful little piece. Beautifully crafted. Thanks!

  4. That is great, Barbara. Charlie is on the ball. (I am sure he was happy to ship off the work to make room for the 600 cups in "Cup the Intimate Object VII"). Glad you are enjoying the cup.