Monday, October 31, 2011

It's just a cup, no big deal

Cups amaze me.  They are taken for granted, yet so tricky to get right.  They are affordable <--- I both love and hate that fact.  Here are a few special ones from the Charlie Cummings Gallery's knockout show, Cup The Intimate Object VII.  Go get yourself a treasure.  Let me know which one caught your eye.

Jason Walker
Ronan Peterson
Erin Paradis

Doug Peltzman
William Brouillard

Monday, October 17, 2011

New Work Online at Charlie Cummings Gallery

Trash Stash Bear S&P by Chandra DeBuse
Photo taken by Charlie Cummings
My online exhibition, Playscapes, at Charlie Cummings Gallery is up through November 17th.  The work is a response to living in South Florida and the mountains of Eastern Tennessee over the past year.  I hope that when people use my work, they feel a playful sense of discovery.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Product Plug

Hey--remember this guy? A photo of Nut Stash Jar is posted during the leather hard stage in the previous post. Now he's all dressed up in black, green and yellow. The dark palette is a departure from my current body of candy-colored work on white. Because the jars depict the act of looking for previously-buried nuts, I turned to darker colors, representing the underground world.

I was definitely experiencing eye strain while I was working on these, so I have to plug a recent purchase, the Donegan Optivisor. Yes, it looks weird--even weirder when worn, but works great. The headband magnifier made detailing the little squirrel finials so much easier. My eyes were going crazy before I got that thing! The level of detail I was able to get on the squirrels really improved. changed. my. life.