Monday, February 27, 2012

Studio Juju

Kristen Kieffer, Chandra DeBuse, Amy Santoferraro, Martina Lantin
Call it mojo, juju, or good vibes, I feel lucky to be occupying the same studio at Arrowmont as these three clay-stars once did.  They were on campus for the ceramics surface symposium in January and I stole their souls by nabbing a photo in "our" studio.

Arrowmont has such a rich history that I can't help but think about the ghosts of Arrowmont's past when I'm walking the gravel trail from my house to studio:  former students, residents, staff--- all the way back to the days when Arrowmont was a settlement school.  One hundred years of history equals one heck of a lot of ghosts.  These three talented ceramo-s from Arrowmont's more recent past can haunt my studio anytime.    

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