Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mad Hats and Paint Chips

The Armory Art Center's Mad Hatter Luncheon is tomorrow. The annual event raises money for the resident artist program. Traditionally, attendees wear wild and wacky hats to the luncheon. The hats range from handmade to high-design.

I was inspired by the paint chip art I saw at Art Basel in Miami this year. A google search of "paint chip art" will yield a healthy return for your visual pleasure.
There are many things I loved about this project: the flat colors, the petal configuration, the ease of hot glue, and especially the low cost of the materials. Can't get much cheaper than free, now can I?
I built this hat just like I would if I was coiling a pot: I put the hat on a banding wheel and engaged in the rhythm of glue, press, turn, glue, press, turn.

I also made a fancy broach out of paint chips to wear with my dress tomorrow. Hope it does
not rain!

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