Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beyond the Squirrel: Explorations of Imagery

For the record, I have not broken up with the squirrel. We are just seeing other people. He still occupies a lot of space inside my creative brain, but I am exploring other vehicles of storytelling. Since I have been in West Palm Beach at the Armory Art Center, I have been exploring themes of water and self image. The platter here was created on a hump mold with craft foam relief (for the outline and the waves). The surface is mishima and underglaze. The soft square of the platter refers to a comic window or a retro television screen. The little girl in the background wears the same colors as the older woman in the foreground. I want the viewer to question their relationship. Are they related? Are they the same person? Are we looking into the past or the future or both? The back of the platter (not pictured here) contains another image that contributes to the story.

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